Adding some ‚brain‘ to my LightSwitch app – start-up code

My first post, cheers!! ­čÖéIMG_7979

First of all, I really want to thank many great people from the community for their endless post, books, forum posts!! This was such a great help for me to get of the ground. Thank you!!
Some months ago, I have started a journey to explore the LightSwitch HTML client for desktops apps. I must admit, that it was not very convincing in the first place (e.g. limited data grid, the UI wasted much space), but clients (and my boss) and me now love the clean UI and the endless possibilities!

One of my recent challenges: I would like to have some data loaded and UI being generated on application startup:

  1. Initializing global application settings
  2. Query and prepare user settings, roles, permissions
  3. Initialize screen independent header
  4. …?

But since the scope of development in the HTML client is the screen, there is no common entry point for application startup code.

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