994136_10151458509780779_1926052402_nhi there!

this is me: Andreas Lindenberg
where I live: Kiel, Germany

my email: andreas@lndnbrg.de
twitter: @lndnbrg

what I really like: all tech stuff, exploring new things, podcasts, Belgian beer, Whiskey, cleaning up after my kids (not ;),  …

some of my favorite blogs – (thank you!!):
Paul van Bladel – blog.pragmaswitch.com
Michael Washington – lightswitchhelpwebsite.com
Christopher Finlan – thepoweroflightswitch.com
Jan van der Haegen – janvanderhaegen.com
LightSwitch Team Blog – blogs.msdn.com/b/lightswitch/
Dale Morrison – blog.ofanitguy.com
Rob Collie – powerpivotpro.com
Chris Webb – cwebbbi.wordpress.com

one of my favorite twitter streams:
@DataArtist – really great to follow him on JS stuff!

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